A New Wave of Indian Ethnic Wear

India is that one nation that is widely known for its own and unique way of clothing. For the fact that India is a land of diversity, that includes different cultures, religions, and different way of living, it also includes different Ethnic wears. But, the old-conventional way of dressing and clothing of Indian people changed drastically when they came in the contact of the western wear and this further led them to forget the way of their own clothes and adopted the western clothing completely. This made the popularity of the Indian wears declined badly and nullified the importance of the India traditional clothes severely.

Soon in the 21st century, Indian Ethic wears made their appearance with a lot of changes and transformations. The Indian ethnic dresses were revived in a whole new way making the Indian people again to fall for the amazing designs. It was not an easy deal to convince the Indian crowd who were totally into the western spirit, but thanks to our new-era designers who made it possible. Indian people now are introduced with the whole new range of Indian wears.

Indian Ethnic wears went through a serious revival and transformation making them brings again the fame of the Indian fashion world. Not only has this but the introduction of the Indo-western dresses also contributed equally in bringing back the long lost fame of the Indian wears. The transformation of the ethnic wears were based keeping in mind the demand of the Indian people regarding the fashion statement they believe in, and the young spirit of the Indian people. People were always craving for something new to follow and wear and the transformation just brought in the same thing.

Today, whatever collection of ethnic wears we are witnessing is the result of the better approach towards the Indian wears yet keeping it traditional. Famous designers put their creativity into the Indian wears and brought in front something that cannot be denied at any cost and no wonder, the revival has helped the ethnic wears gaining their importance back.

The transformations were done on both the wears, men and women at the same time so that both the genders can enjoy the huge varieties of the Indian clothes. The transformations led to the rising popularity of the Indian wears and with this let us help you track some of the best Indian wears, for both, men and women.

Starting with the women, there are now endless options available for the Indian wears. However, some of the dresses enjoy the supreme popularity and are creating new fashion statements.

Sarees – Sarees are one of the most popular and oldest Indian attires and despite the fact that the majority of the crowd is adopting the western culture and clothing; saree is that one cloth that was and still are worn by many women on a regular basis. But, the new changes brought in by the designers helped many to go for the attire. The new-era and new-designed sarees are available in many options making it a comfortable attire to carry on. The best fact about wearing saree is that it never goes out of the scene and can be worn anywhere.

Salwar Suits – Salwar suits again are not some new fashion statement and have been worn by Indian women every day. But, the thing that made women adopt for the western clothing is the same old repeated designs which made them go bore. Now, with the latest designs of salwar suit, women are exposed to the plenty of options like Anarkali suits, Patiala suits, Pakistani suits, and more.

Kurti – Kurti makes an exception by being the result of the blended Indian and western wears. It can be worn in many ways like it can be worn on jeans and can be paired with a salwar or a churidaar. In this attire, taking stole or scarfs in an option.

Coming towards the men’s clothing of the Indian wear then again one can avail plenty of options and some popular Indian attire for men.

Kurta Pyjama – Kurta pyjama shares the same frame that of sarees and salwar suits, but the only thing that differ them is that sarees were never ceased whereas Kurta pyjama was neglected badly. The reason being the heavy handled cloth, but now, the problem has been eased as designers now designing Kurta Pyjama in different fabrics and this transformation has also attracted men of India to go for one traditional dress.

Sherwani – Sherwani shares the same frame and pattern of the Kurta pyjama, but are worn mainly at the wedding and party season until now some severe changes have been brought to make the attire go well in many of the occasion and festival apart from the wedding. The changes of the Sherwani include the changes in the cuts, slits and shape too.

Nehru Jacket – This is perhaps the most popular Indo-western attire of the current times. It can easily be paired with a kurta pyjaam or with jeans and shirts. The popularity for this particular dress can be witnessed by the fact that many of the famous celebrities are wearing this jacket on different attires.

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