Buying a Bikini Swimsuit Ideal For Your Body

Of all the swimwear products a woman could have, “Bikini Swimsuit” is one of the scariest words in many women’s vocabulary, and not because they are hard to get or difficult to use but because the right type of swimsuit is needed to fit each particular body. However if you know what to look for, then almost any body type can look good in a bikini swimsuit. Each woman should learn how to cover the flaws and flaunt your body.

There are various ways to ensure that you use the appropriate bikini swimsuit that would fit your body and make you look as good in it as you should depending on the characteristics of your body shape and size of your breasts and bottoms. By checking your body features with the descriptions and recommendations below you should be able to determine what works out best for you.

Having Small Breasts

In high school, having small breasts may have brought you jeers and perhaps reduced your self confidence, but today designers readily glorify the small breast particularly on the runway. A great majority of their bikini models that take to the ramp in fashion shows have small breast and show them off proudly.
The way to enhance small breasts would be to buy bikini swimsuits that are designed with sequins, ruffles and other different decorations that tend to add an additional layer of fabric on the swimsuit. This gives a nice little illusion that your breasts are fuller. The use of triangular string bikinis also add to this illusion and enhances the look with more fullness of the breasts, the smaller the triangular fabric the larger the breast will look.

Having Large Breasts

While women with large breast are not often heard complaining, there are some that do simply because of some special problems that may arise with having a well endowed front, especially when shopping for a bikini swimsuit. One of the main problems that women with large breasts have is the support and the comfort that the bikini tops provides to them.
The best way to get around this problem is to wear bikini tops with underwire which will provide some support in addition to have a little more full coverage of the breasts to give a better comfort level.

Should you want to draw attention away from your breasts, then the best way is to ensure that your bottoms are eye-catching in some way such as having more details on the bikini bottoms than on the tops. Coordinating the use of a scarf around the hip of your bikini bottoms gives you a way to look more stylish and draw additional attention.
Whether you are endowed with a small or a large butt, there are a few simple ways to enhance your look in a bikini by choosing the bikini bottom that will make you stand out even more.

Having a Small Butt

In general, small butts don’t appear as a problem for most people but to those that are concerned then the easiest way to calm your fears with the choice of a bikini swimsuit [] you should know the following information:

  • Thongs and triangular bikini bottoms tend make your butt flatter than brief type bikini bottoms
  • Additional decorations to the bikini bottoms enhances its shape
  • The use of ruffles will help fill out a rump that is lacking in flesh.

Having Large Bottoms

For those that have more bottom than they would wish to have, what is important is to draw attention away from your butt and more to your top. By mixing and matching the color combinations of your bikini swimsuits to give a light to dark contrast between your bottoms and your tops, this gives you the ability to draw more attention to your tops by making your tops a lot more brighter and eye-catching and making the bottoms a little darker. The brighter the top is the more likely this will draw the greater attention than your bikini bottoms.


Whatever your body type is, by simply mixing and matching different combinations of your bikini tops and bottoms with various styles, you will be able to enhance your look to be the one that is best suited to you and make you look so much more sexy in a bikini swimsuit. Whether you have a small butt, large bottoms small or large breasts, you just simply buy the sizes that gives more emphasis on your figure and shape.

The bottom line is to wear what you are most comfortable in and be as hot as you can.

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