Fabric Painting – What’s Your Fashion Statement?

Fabric painting is an absolute modernization of the painting world.

Though it has popped up in recent times, the fact is that it has been in existence since early civilization.

It includes putting up color designs on different objects that might make them showy.

* Here’s Some Background.

In earlier times if you remember people used to carve designs on the stones…

– And to make it attractive they used to fill it up with color pigments.

This literally helped to craft designs as per our choice and gave beautiful colors.

* Advancements.

It always happens that the basic concept always remains the same but new strategies keep coming up and thus newer advances and techniques are added up.

The styles of tie-dye, larch and batik prints are now used in the latest fabric paints.

The batik style gives a presence of the block printing in the old ages described above.

Whereas in tie-dye the cloth gets wrapped up in unique ways after which it is put inside a dye.

With all wonderful features that fabric paint provides us, it has been developed over the ages.

* Features of Fabric Paints.

Fabric paints generally resist water and is put on materials because it is washable.

Water colors and other forms of paints are generally used for painting, but fabric paints are basically used for designing purpose.

Fabric paints are wildly known to design clothes these days where a new look is given to the piece of cloth. It literally makes the cloth alive.

It is also easy to apply on show piece items where the paint is normally done by hands or in blocks easily.

* How to use it?

People who really love art normally get a piece of cloth, and then they create their own unique design where in, they paint fabric color and give it an altogether new look.

This literally boosts up their confidence in this art of fabric painting.

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