How Much Is Too Much When It Comes To Daring Fashion?

If you are someone who likes to push the boundaries and break the rules then you might be tempted to express that rebellious spirit through the clothes that you choose to wear. There re many different ways to be rebellious and independent minded when it comes to fashion. You could dare to bare, wear bright, clashing colours and/or multiple prints, or simply combine items and accessories in a range of quirky and unusual ways that other people may not have thought of. If you want to be daring, then it is easy to do so. What is more difficult is knowing how much is too much when it comes to daring fashion? Where should you draw the line?

Say, for example, that you are not afraid to show a little flesh. If you are conforming to societal norms in the UK then it is generally a good rule of thumb that you can wear pretty much what you like as long as your bust and nether regions are covered. While it may be de rigeur to expose the breasts in certain tribal cultures, here, breast cut-outs would not be generally well received on the high street!

Of course, just because you are staying within the bounds of social acceptability, that does not mean that you should bare everything to all and sundry. Generally, fashion types will tell you that you should either show your decolletage or your legs, never both at once. However, for certain occasions and in certain settings, a fashion rebel may choose to have a low neckline and high hemline at the same time.

Setting is everything when it comes to knowing what you can and cannot get away with when it comes to daring fashion choices. A night out on the town with friends could be a good place to let your freak flag fly, show off and experiment, while this would not be as wise a plan in your workplace, or for tea with your grandparents. Use good judgement when it comes to where you try out daring fashion choices, so as not to create a bad impression or give offence.

The other time when daring fashion could be frowned upon is at a wedding or another similar event where it would be rude and unkind to draw focus from the people whose big day it is. For example, your cousin’s traditional wedding would not be a good time to try out that patchwork ballgown with spiked choker and earrings and David Bowie platforms. Your best friend’s birthday would not be, perhaps, the best time for that new skin-tight neon playsuit… Just remember when being a fashion rebel that there is always a place and time.

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