Scentibility – Business Women’s Guide to Fashion

Professional women can impress their clients, customers, colleagues and associates with their charm, intellect and scent. Wearing perfume or fragrance in the workplace is becoming increasing common and can reinforce your image. But, it is important to be sensitive to how you wear your fragrance so that you are not being offensive to those around you. Listed below are tips that professional women can use to promote a healthy sense of aromatherapy in the business arena.

Cologne, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum

There are usually three forms of fragrances that women can use on their bodies to enhance their natural body scents. Cologne is the least concentrated of the three and therefore the smell is does not last as long. It is typical to re-apply often during the day. Cologne is great if you work in an environment where you are in constant contact with others. The smell is faint and will not disturb others that may have allergies to fragrances. Eau de Toilette is a little more concentrated than cologne and lasts longer through out the day. The smell of the fragrance is more intense so you are instructed to use less of the fragrance on your body. Eau de Parfum is the most concentrated of the three and more expensive. Eau de Parfum has a stronger smell and lasts almost all day where there is no need to re-apply.

Points of Contact

When applying fragrance to the body, it is best to apply to the pressure and heat sensitive points on the body. This will ensure that the fragrance will last longer and will send out a soft and natural like scent that is not over powering or distracting to others. Points of contact include the back of the neck, behind the ear lobes, in the chest/cleavage area, the wrists and behind the knees. Only one or two squirts are necessary for each section of contact. When spraying the fragrance, make sure that the spray is a few inches away from the body. Another good idea is to spray the fragrance into the air and walk into it.

Layering Effect

The best time to apply fragrance is after you finish showering. The scent tends to last longer and it would reduce the amount of times that you re-apply the fragrance during the day. A soft and subtle way to apply fragrance can be by layers. For example, if your favorite scent has a soap or deodorant, you can use them as well as spraying the fragrance. You can also apply the lotion or powder form of the fragrance before spraying the fragrance. The layering effect allows the smell of the fragrance to remain consistent and subtle without being too loud or strong. It produces a soft scent and enhances your natural body scent.

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