Strategies to Reduce Fear of the Future

Successful people apply strategies that lessen the fear of the future and what it can afford them.

Separate Caution from Fear

Caution is an intelligent response to a real threat. Have you ever seen Toxic People explode when they don’t get their way? Your fear heightens when you know you are the one who must approach these human volcanoes with information that runs contrary to what they want. When you feel helpless, remain calm and take an outsider’s view to accurately assess the level of true danger. Have an out-of-body experience and look from the outside in; then take reasonable precautions. Are your words instilling fear? Do you feel fearful because your perception of the situation is distorted? Force yourself to proceed with caution.

Be Optimistic

Fear is selfish-yes, selfish, because it turns you inward. When you take responsibility for your outcomes in a positive fashion with your work groups, your friends, and even total strangers, it forces you to turn outward. If you question your ability to turn toxic situations into more positive outcomes, you need to improve the belief you have in your talents and skills.

Develop True Belief in Yourself

Understand who you have become and strictly live by your core values. Be assertive and always stand up for your rights while not violating the rights of others. Self-awareness and confidence allow a realistic view of the current events and will help you evaluate your fears more objectively.

Do Something

Fear can immobilize you. Forcing yourself to do something-anything-can change the focus and free you from fear. Learn, read, take a class just do it. Knowing that you have the skill and information to proceed can erase the fear.

The future is never predictable, which means that the brain must remain open to the unexpected even when behaving according to plans.

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