The Difference Between True Vintage Clothing and Mod Clothing

Vintage is back and better than ever. The trend has been hitting hard since a couple of years ago, but hadn’t really gone mainstream until 2010. And since then vintage style and mod clothing is popping up everywhere. Every woman needs great vintage style dresses in her closet to keep up with the trends. But there’s a difference between true vintage and vintage-inspired and both can be a big part of your fashion forward look.

True vintage is clothing that has been owned previously. Vintage, by fashion definition, is anything 25 years or older. Some are more lenient and shorten the length of time to 20 years or more. So yes, the 80s are already being considered vintage! This clothing has come from the actual era, worn by others in the past. You can find it in vintage specialty stores or sometimes if you browse the right thrift store at the right time. You can’t get any more authentic than a 1950s style dress from the actual 1950s.

Mod clothing and vintage style dresses are new designs made by modern designers and companies who are trying to create clothes that look older. “Mod” clothing specifically refers to 1960s fashion but also includes 50s for some. Again, a lot of these definitions are loose. These are brand new dresses and pieces that are being produced today but have the same silhouettes, colors, and designs that would be found in the past.

True vintage clothing is often pricier in stores than vintage inspired. This is because they are one of a kind pieces and so the older and more rare they are, the more valuable. This is especially true for vintage designer finds. It is possible to find vintage in thrift stores for thrift prices. However this takes a lot of time, patience, and searching where as a vintage store has everything displayed right there for you.

Vintage inspired clothing and retro style dresses are in the price range of most modern clothing so it’s a more affordable way to get the look. It’s also far more readily accessible, especially online. They are usually sold in very specific stores and sites however, so you won’t buy a dress and find everyone wearing it at the next big event. You’ll still have a pretty unique style.

The great thing is, you can invest in a great true vintage piece but get your accessories, shoes or jewelry fro a mod clothing store and mix them up. Chances are no one will be able to tell which piece is real vintage and which isn’t! The most important thing when wearing vintage pieces, real or inspired, is to wear them with confidence. You’ll be able to pull off that 50s style dress to the grocery store if you look and feel confident in it.

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