Tips For Finding the Perfect Prom Shoes

So you’ve finally found the perfect prom gown after months of searching. You can’t wait until it is ready to be adorned for a night of dancing and partying. It should be a major confidence booster that you have found a prom gown you love, but what about your shoes? One of the most important pieces of any ensemble, prom shoes can really add to your overall style and the look of your prom gown. While the gown itself is without doubt the most important item, your choice of shoes can either make it or break the look as a whole. This does not have to be difficult, as long as you know a few fashion tricks which you can pick up by speaking to the professionals, browsing styles online, or looking through magazines.

Leave Room for Shoes

Make sure your shoes match and complement the color and the design of your dress and the shape of your foot. Of course you should check and see if you will be able to walk and dance in them. This will help to ensure that you find the right balance between style and comfort before you slip on your ‘magic slippers’ for the evening of your life.

Fashion vs. Comfort

Some girls do not have a problem with foregoing comfort for fashion, especially if it comes down to a choice between the perfect pair of shoes and a pair that are just not as nice. However, you can have both, easily. The worst thing you can do on the night is to cripple yourself and not be able to dance the night away with your friends, or worse have to kick off your shoes just so that you can walk. A pair of amazing shoes is one thing, spoiling your look is quite another.

High heels are always first choice because they make legs longer and slimmer and they also contribute to your look by forcing you to keep an upright posture. However, there are comfortable heels and there are ridiculous heels too and unless you are used to wearing six inch heels, stay away from them on the night. A two inch heel is quite adequate while giving your legs the look you want, you will also be able to save your feet unnecessary hardship.

Heeled shoes come in a variety of options, from the most popular strappy sandal to the enclosed toe shoe. While sandals are pretty and look fantastic on manicured feet, they can be hard to wear all night because they don’t give a lot of support while dancing. If you opt for the more comfortable enclosed toe, make sure it has a soft cushion lining so they won’t end up you giving your toes a blister.

Ballet shoes while extremely comfortable do not enhance many prom gowns. They are better suited to full skirts and generally do not look good with tight fitting dresses. So if you are going to go this route, make sure the style of your gown is suitable.

Something which should be fundamental is that your shoes be the correct size for your feet. Too large and they might fly off and embarrass you, too tight and you will live to regret it later on that night.

Wear your shoes in before the prom. Wear them at home for an hour a night so that you get used to how they feel and get used to them, and if the soles are made of leather it will give you the chance to rough them up a little so that you don’t slip or skid on the dance floor.

Fashion options

Your shoes absolutely and positively have to match your ensemble. They need not be the same color, and if not, they have to be complimentary. Whites, crème, black, gold and silver are the most popular choices for evening, but again be careful that they are complimentary as you don’t want your feet standing out like a ‘sore thumb’ on the night of the prom.

Silver and gold shoes are ideal colors for sparkling, shimmering evening dresses, while black shoes suit dark dresses superbly. White and crème shoes should be worn with caution and unless you are very good at fashion styling should be avoided if possible.

You even have the option of being able to dye your shoes to match your outfit, but be cautious. Unless you are using a professional to dye your shoes they may come out a different shade. Leather and synthetic leather shoes can be dyed as well as satin and fabric shoes. Give the person dyeing your shoes a color swatch from your gown and check that the color is what you want before he or she goes ahead with the actual dyeing process.

Try to choose a pair of shoes that can be worn again after the prom night so that you can get the most out of your investment; buy a pair of shoes that are functional and comfortable while being beautiful and stylish.

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