Traditional Vs Modern: Which Style Of Christening Clothes Will You Choose?

When your baby is ready to be welcomed into the community, the chances are fair that you will be interested in holding some kind of formal ceremony.. This may be a traditional baptism or christening at the family church or it could be some other style of blessing such as a naming day or baby welcoming. However you choose to celebrate, one thing is certain, you will want to choose a special outfit for the baby to wear.

Traditional Christening Gown

Traditionally, christening outfits consist of white or ivory gowns for both boys and girls.These can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Some designs will feature lace, beading or even sequins and they may include matching accessories such as hats or shawls. However, some parents are finding these to be impractical, especially if the child is a little older when the christening comes around meaning that they will be walking or crawling rather than being carried. This have given rise to a new trend in christening outfits which includes trouser suits, rompers and shorter dresses as opposed to the long gowns which often extend far below the baby’s feet.

Choose A Modern Take On Christening Gowns

As these new styles of christening outfits continue to gain more popularity there are more parents choosing to make them more modern by breaking away from tradition. One of the ways in which christening outfits are being modernized is through the use of color. Since many of the dresses are day length rather than the traditional gown length, a large number of parents are adding accent colors using ribbons and braids. There are also many parents choosing a color other than the traditional white or ivory as the main color including pale pink, lilac and lemon. This often makes the outfit reusable for other special occasions.

Choosing Clothes For Comfort

Another factor in choosing more modern christening clothes is that parents are now more aware of selecting items for comfort. This means looking at fabrics which will not irritate the baby’s skin and which will keep him or her cool. This will reduce the chances of the child becoming cranky during the ceremony. It is also important that the clothing fits well and does not rub or restrict movement. This is why many parents are more inclined to choose romper suits or trousers, especially for children who are beginning to get more mobile.

These are the main considerations you will want to think about when selecting your child’s christening outfit. If you want something a little different then you may wish to move away from tradition by choosing a more modern style or by adding color. Just remember to take baby’s comfort into consideration unless you want a fussy infant on the big day!

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