Tutu Dresses – The New Summer Trend

Tutu dresses are shaping up to be this summer’s terrific new trend. You have to see them! They are adorable and little girls love them. Whether pretty and pastel, bold and bright, or a rainbow of colors, tutu dresses light up a little girl’s world.

This style has everything for a little princess. The twirling factor, floating layers, and ‘princess’ feeling combine to make tutu dresses into the fashion of fantasy and childhood dreams.

Traditional sewn tutu dresses are fashioned by tying individual strands of tulle in several layers to elastic. The layering creates that full, flowing look. Their design makes it easy to maintain their appearance. The amazing accessories and stylish leotards worn with the tutu dresses help to create a charming look.

Why Are Tutu Dresses So Popular This Summer?

 . Cool

Tutu dresses offer ‘cool’ style on a hot summer day. Layers of soft chiffon create a lovely look. A cool/hot combo with pretty pink and hot pink in a sparkling petticoat dress with ruffles creates a joyful, summer style.

. Affordable

Tutu skirts and dresses are affordable fashions. Even when you add in the price of accessories, the entire outfit might cost less than traditional styles.

. Versatile

Tutu dresses can be worn at varied special occasions throughout the year. This style can be worn at weddings – causal or more formal events – or at birthday parties, pageants, or just for those special afternoon tea parties. They are available in different styles. It is always possible to find the perfect tutu dress to match the occasion.

Little girls never complain about wearing these dresses. Why would they? It is impossible to find anything better in a young girl’s eyes than a pink glitter layered tutu skirt. With its three layers of tulle and ribbon trim, this skirt is fit for a princess. A purple multi-layer pettiskirt, with ruffles that go on forever, is another pretty style.

. Color

Whether a girl likes pretty, pastel colors or she prefers bright and beautiful shades, there is a tutu fashion to suit everyone’s taste. Even petticoat dresses and skirts with layers of rainbow chiffon! Tutu skirts/dresses offer colorful style.

If girls favor a more dramatic, grown-up look, a black pettiskirt can be a classy choice. Worn with a black cap sleeve cotton leotard or black cotton tank leotard, the black pettiskirt is the epitome of classic style. Spice up the black with hot pink in a black and hot pink zebra print pettiskirt.

. Fun

Tutu styles are so popular because they are ‘fun’ fashions. The outfits add an element of fantasy to any occasion. The dresses are fun for little girls to wear and twirl in to their constant delight.

They can provide that subtle princess magic or go all out and be about fun and adventure. A pink zebra print pettiskirt is bound to stand out in a crowd. A hot pink and orange pettiskirt serves up some refreshing style. Tutu dresses – a popular summer fashion!

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