Dogs in the Snow

Last week, here in March it snowed! It was really coming down hard and in big fluffy flakes. We were so used to Spring weather that it was exciting to watch. All of a sudden everything was white and cold. It was difficult for dogs to go for walks as usual. They stayed indoors or they needed a dog rain coat and boots to go outside, or else they would be soaking wet and cold when they came indoors. I hate it when they come in all wet and shake themselves all over the place. So to keep from that happening they would need something to protect themselves. That would have required them to wear a coat to keep them warm. Normally dogs don’t need to wear coats, because they have their own fur coats. But when they have become domesticated, they get used to the temperature inside the house and their under fur does not grow, thus exposing them to the elements. These house dogs are unable to protect themselves from the cold, so we have to provide them with warm clothing, or fleece lining for the raincoats to protect them from the wetness and the cold.

It would have been difficult for them to walk on their bare feet. A couple of my friends decided to go out for a walk in the snow, and found that pretty soon they could not see very well due to the amount of snow coming down. They came to visit me and could not see my house because it was white too. They used to have a dog, a Boston Terrier, named Molly. Molly died in September of 2006, and when I saw them out, I knew that if Molly was alive she would have been out in the snow with them. But she did not have much hair, so she would have been frozen out there. I told my daughter to take her little Morkie out in the snow to see how she would react to it, but she was afraid her dog would be too cold, and besides the snow was about 6″ and that was too deep for her. Besides, Kate the Morkie, is a Prissy dog, so she would not have wanted to walk in the freezing snow.

I was thrilled to watch the snow come down but did not want to go out in the snow. I don’t wear shoes at all because it hurts my feet. I wear flip flops all the time, and that would not do in the snow. I hunted for some shoes and found some boots I did not know I had (brand new), so I was able to go to church on Saturday. However, by Saturday afternoon the sun came out and melted most of the snow away. It had snowed on Friday. It is important for us to have raincoats or warm coats for our domesticated dogs if we plan to take them out in the cold weather. I guess they would need some boots too!

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