Article Writing – Announcing 4 Huge Methods to Advance With Article Writing

Content is king in the online arena. If you are running a website, it’s a must that you are able to produce readable and interesting text. You must also be able to come up with articles that you can use for your newsletters or articles that you can post on ezines.

Here’s how you can advance in article writing:

1. Titles. Start writing your articles by coming up with a working title to easily limit the scope of your content. You can change or revise your articles later on to match the content of your copies. Make your titles powerful, benefit-driven, descriptive, and keyword-rich to boost your open rate.

2. First paragraph. Did you know that online users will gauge the quality of your articles based on your first paragraph? If these people do not find anything interesting on your first 100 words or if they spot several grammar mistakes, they will surely not continue reading. Use the inverted pyramid technique when writing your articles and put all the most important information on your first paragraph to promote further reading.

3. Use bullet lists. If you are giving out steps or tips, I recommend that you organize your texts in a point-wise fashion to make your articles easy on the eyes. Through this, you’ll be able to help your readers quickly find the information that they are looking for.

4. Talk to your readers. Put these people at ease by simply writing using conversational tone and simple text. Write as if you are directly talking to them. Share your relevant personal stories and ask questions whenever you see fit.

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