Bud Light Girls Get Paid to Party – 4 Tips to Become a Beer Girl

Bud Light Girls are the life of any party. They are attractive girls that have the qualities to promote the number 1 selling light beer in the world. They get paid on average $30 per hour to talk about the Brands attributes.

Beer Girl Qualities
Beer girls are sexy and fun girls that guys love to be around. They are able to command the attention of a bar and get guys to practically do whatever they want.

The girls talk about the qualities and attributes of their beer and entertain the bar guest by handing out promotional items such as bottle openers and beer necklaces. Beer girls are envied by other girls and wanted by almost every guy in the bar. They are constantly posing for the camera and signing posters when they are promoting bud light at special events.

These promotional models get paid a lot of money per hour. They can make any where from $25 to $40 per hour depending on what state they are promoting in.

Tips to Become a Bud Light Girl
There are certain promotional and marketing agencies that hire their girls to do Beer Promotions.

Beer Distributors will also hire and use girls they find locally.

It may seem difficult for most girls to become beer girls because so many girls are signing up to promote beers. Here are 4 Must do’s if you want a chance at becoming a beverage promotional model.

1. You must be able to communicate effectively.

2. You must be reliable and able to sell a beverage.

3. You have to be able to socialize and make people have a great time.

4. You must be attractive and exude confidence without being unapproachable.

Most important, you must be able to get consumers to listen to you. If you are able to get guys attention with your looks, then you have a great chance to become a beer girl.

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