CHI Ceramic Hair Dryer – A Name Synonymous With the Fashion Industry

If you’ve regularly read magazines like Allure, InStyle and Vogue you’re bound to have seen and read articles about CHI hair dryers. Many of the best stylists in the fashion industry, from Hollywood to the catwalks of Milan use a CHI blow dryer. But why do many top stylists use this company’s styling tools?

The answer is simple when you realize that the company that makes them was founded by Farouk Shami, a stylist himself who wanted to make the best tools available to those in the industry. Each product released from this company is driven by this ideal.

The CHI ceramic dryer employs the latest technology to ensure the best styling results. Ceramic has been used in the best hair dryers for a while now because it produces something called negative ions. These tiny, negatively ions breakdown water drops into microscopic particles that can then be absorbed into the shaft of each hair. This helps to hydrate each and every hair, making it shiny and healthy. Breaking down water droplets into smaller ones also speeds up drying time, so less heat damaged is incurred.

Nano Silver technology is a new technological advance. Nano silver is infused into various parts of the dryer to sterilize and kill bacteria, therefore making the tool self-cleaning. The elimination of bacteria also keeps hair cleaner, which in turn, means hair holds its shape better. Only a few of the leading manufacturers like Andis and BaByliss makes dryers that incorporate this new technology.

Both of these technologies are used in CHI ceramic hair dryers.

The use of this technology, along with powerful motors, is why top stylists like to use this company’s products and why so many of today’s superstars endorse them.

But does that mean you should buy one?

Well, they are a very good product but I would like to see some of the ceramic parts infused with tourmaline. Tourmaline further increases the output of negative ions and is of great benefit for those with coarser hair types. But apart from this minor point I think that you should at least take a look at the different models of CHI hair dryers. The Rocket is my favorite model, but you may prefer the Pink Ceramic Ionic dryer or the Nano Silver (I forgot to mention, this model also comes with built in dryer stand).

Being founded and run by an ex-stylist it’s easy to understand why a CHI ceramic hair dryer is the preferred choice by some of the world’s top stylists.

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