Choose and Buy Rightly, Before You Apply Perfumes This Summer

Like many other things, the pattern of the way we use perfume changes too according to the seasons. Most basically, you can’t choose a perfume judging its label and packaging only. There are many other factors mid-way, also.

Definitely, in winters you are never required to fight the foul smell, coming out of your body, continuously, which is a common phenomena in summers.

Thus the perfumes of summer differs from those made for winters. The list of tips and tricks to choose, buy, before you apply the right perfume , this summer 2009, can be a long one. Lets follow the following lines :

Only Light Fights : Unlike winter which demands the use of fragrances with heavy smell, in summers lighter versions should be preferred. The intense cold waves in the winter tend to kill the smell, while it can’t happen so in summer. Thus choosing a stronger perfume, thinking that you sweat more in summers, can be a fashion faux pas. Sea aroma suits everyone.

But Heavy Is Savvy : However, for the open sky summer night parties, wedding or casuals, where you can’t say no to dancing, you may start sweating a lot. That results in bringing too intense and pungent smell. It may be offensive to your friends. Thus, there you need to wear stronger perfumes. Flower aromas do nicely in social gatherings.

Go Naked : Well…Don’t take its literal meaning. What I mean that while going to shop, this summer, a suitable perfume for you, avoid wearing any type of perfume in advance. The smell already on your fashion apparel will make it tough for you to evaluate the real smell of your future fragrance. Also, avoid the use of any flavored body care product.

Choose, Don’t Follow : Someday your best friend may come out prescribing a particular brand of perfume for you and may force you to buy such one too. It is better not to be impulsive that moment. A fragrance varies the way it smells on two different individuals. Choose only those stuffs which suit your body type.

Know Your Right Pick : So how to choose the right stuff? You simply are needed to follow ‘wait and watch’ game rule. Select any perfume from the shelves, rub some drops on the skin, wait for few minutes, eight to ten minutes will do, and see how it reacts and smells. If found pleasing and satisfying, no need to wait now!

Not Too Old And Hot : Don’t buy a perfume packed two-three years ago. This duration is more than enough to kill the maximum of its quality. Also, buy your summer scents from those shops which store them too carefully. Fragrances exposed to heat and direct sunlight lose their utility.

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