Chronicles of Riddick Contact Lenses and Theatrical Contacts in Movies

A lot of people have been wondering where to get those Chronicles of Riddick contact lenses that Vin Diesel wore for his Riddick movies. Given the fact that it gives quite a shocking look to the eyes, it is also very attractive to look at. These lenses are actually called mirrored contact lenses. Before the lenses became popular, it can be bought at any party stores and online fashion websites. But because of improper usage, the FDA now requires a doctor’s prescription before you can purchase this product. That means acquiring these lenses might be hard, unless you are an actor or actress who need them for your role in movies and in theater plays.

Safety Tips for Wearing Riddick Contact Lenses and Fashion Contacts

If you like Gothic fashion and crazy fashion fan, Riddick contact lenses are perfect to create a statement. They can be used for Goth parties, fashion shows, and Halloween themed events. Fashion contacts are worn just the same as regular contact lenses and the process of removing it is similar too. The only difference is fashion contacts are manufactured for cosmetic purposes only. Lenses should not be worn excessively because it can cause eye irritation. It must be removed before sleeping and soaked in a special solution. Otherwise, it can cause serious eye damage and irritation. Before putting them in your eyes, make sure that your hands are thoroughly cleaned to avoid dirt and other bacteria to settle in your eyes. Wearing contacts for a long time will prevent proper oxidation and that is why some people experience itchiness and dryness of the eyes. Even actors are advised to rest their eyes while not on taping so they can resume wearing them the next shoot.

Where to find Riddick Lenses and Fashion Contacts

You really can’t get Riddick contacts easily so instead of looking for one, try other fashion lenses that have the same effect. There are a lot of websites which offers crazy lenses and all you have to do is search online. Some lenses also produce the same glowing effect in the eyes especially when worn in the dark. A lot of kids and fashion buffs are getting their lenses in online shops and some of them are really cheap. Be careful of the shop you choose though so you can assure safety and original products.

Contacts are not only used to correct poor eye vision. Many people see it this way but they can be worn as everyday fashion too. Just make sure to visit an optometrist if you want to start wearing contact lenses. They can give you advice on where to buy quality lenses and they can also order it for you. Lenses normally cost you money, so go all out and don’t settle for fake ones.

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