Fashion Sense – Dressing For Your Body Shape

The fact is that all women are different. There are no Cookie Cutter body shapes. The best look is one that makes sense, and that’s what women are demanding. It’s finally arrived, courtesy of the new wave of designers. There’s no more “fashionable at gunpoint” compulsory styles any more. Women’s clothing and women’s fashion have broken through the barriers and totally blown away the cobwebs about personal style.

Living with your wardrobe

Your wardrobe isn’t just something you wear. It’s a reflection of your personality. Your wardrobe is a collection of things you like, things you want, and your ideas. It’s a mobile lifestyle, and it’s also your portable comfort zone.

This is where body shape and wardrobes work best together. The comfort, style and look are all good indicators of what works. The favorite jumper, the great dress, the good jeans, the big cozy jacket, the cute shorts and the little black dress are the real indicators of what makes you feel good.

Styles, designs, and getting what you want

A good approach to style and design is to use the basic elements of design as guides. Fabrics, cuts, lines, and types are all useful guidelines, but the real choices are going to be based on things that work with your wardrobe. Every now and then a new design is added, but you’ve actually got a lot of control over how you approach styles.

For example: A good winter outfit, comprised of a skirt, top and jacket will be based on your preferred materials, cut and working with the wardrobe favourites. You may prefer a knit skirt to go with the jacket, or a colour to work with the top, or both. You naturally integrate your wardrobe. This not only good for the wallet, it’s also good fashion sense.

The right look is the one that makes you feel fabulous

The fact is that what makes a body shape look good is the comfort zone element. It’s no coincidence that the clothes that make you feel good also look good. This is your relationship with your clothes and style, and it makes all the difference. The right look is working for you all the way, both by looks and by design. Trust your instincts and taste, because it knows exactly what it wants.

Your call, your options

There are about four billion different female body shapes on Earth. Every single one of them has its own ideas about what it likes. Top modern fashion retailers try to create a good spread of styles and run so many different labels specifically because the real demand in fashion is for personal preferences.

If you’ve been watching online fashion outlets, you’ll see that the new designers are paying attention to this demand, too. Top labels like Ladakh, Cooper St, Shilla clothing, Living Doll, Sass, Anise, and Fate are good examples of the real fashion market at work. When you buy your beautiful new clothes, you’re the one making the real fashion statements.

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