Full-Figure Fashion

There is a huge misconception about fashion for heavier women. The standard fashion styles and outfits advertised in magazines and presented in runway shows are not adapted for full figure women. If you are a little heavier than the rest, don’t think you can’t look as fabulous and glamorous as the rest. Nowadays, the fashion industry crosses barriers and welcomes full figured women to experiment new sizes and opportunities. There is a big variety of ingenious and fashionable designer collections for curvier or oversized women.

The black dress is always the ideal “wingman” in full figured women’s wardrobe; it could be a sexy v-neck, strapless, asymmetric, this piece promises to hide with discretion any excess baggage. But don’t limit yourself to black, some designer’s proposals are as big as their creations, but the purpose is the most valuable aspect of it; making plus size women feel beautiful and sexy, make them comfortable in their own skin. Heavier women like feeling sexy and know which colors they should wear to help them appear skinnier.

Bigger women shouldn’t be afraid of using traditional colors, they are openly welcome with unconventional styles that can make their figure shine, outstanding their best features. Even animal print is one of the popular trends for this season, may it be in a shirt or a sexier dress.

For the most special day of their lives, wedding dresses should not be limited to certain models, au contraire; there are millions of options for the wedding ensemble; whether with a traditional dress or anything a little more original and fun like a pantsuit.

Pants and black tops visually reduce the body’s volume, but to feel more modern and feminine, “ponchos” and pashminas always help to get that style that breaks away from the monotony of your usual wardrobe. Solid color dresses also are preferred for plus size women, add up a nice broche or belt to outshine that chic style that identifies you and will make you look very distinguished.

If you are the bustier type of woman, try enhancing your best feature for a girl’s night out, don’t hide it. For example, use a v-neck top with a more defining waistline whereas your breasts will not be the first people that will pop to an onlooker’s eyes. You can also wear a shirt with baggy sleeves and a pencil skirt that can elongate your figure. If you get tired of hiding yourself behind embellished shirts and skirts, don’t forget that a dress with a lacy bust line or a nice print can work for a day at the office as well as a casual affair at night.

Feeling comfortable is the most important part of dressing up. Some people say that women don’t dress up for men, they dress up for other women, but this should change; you should always dress up for yourself and your self-esteem. Look at yourself in the mirror before going out and always tell to yourself how beautiful you look.

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