How to Become a Model

Picture yourself wearing the latest fashion gowns, strutting down the runways of Paris, flipping through the latest edition of Vogue and seeing yourself in its pages are just part of the allure of becoming a model. Who does not want to date a famous actor or travel to exotic locales? It definitely beats a 9 to 5 job. Modeling has its perks and your lifestyle can become very exciting but first you have to break in!

Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

1. Register yourself on modeling websites. There are a lot of them out there. Type in modeling websites in your internet browser and see what comes up. There are many professional photographers in your area looking to shoot with models who look just like you.

2. Get a snapshot taken and approach a modeling agency. Modeling agencies have open calls (a time set aside to look at potential models for their agency). Look up the agency online and find out when their open call time is or contact them by phone. Be brief. These are very busy people.

3. Improve your looks. Dress well. Eat a healthy diet. Exercise. Drink plenty of water.

4. Practice your moves. Test with photographers as often as you can. Practice in front of a mirror.

5. Educate Yourself. Understand the business and where you fit in. Read fashion magazines. Remember, you do not have to be classically beautiful to be a model. This industry accepts many different types and sizes.

It is impossible to list all of the different strategies to becoming a model, here. That is why I started my blog, “How to become a successful model.” Inside it has super secret strategies and insider tips to help you achieve your goal. Read them!

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