How to Tell a Guy How Special He is! Here Are the Keys to Make Him Feel Extremely Good Real Fast

People say that women are more emotionally-inclined to voice out their emotions. But when it comes to opening up to a guy and telling him how special he is, it seems that there are moments when the cat seemingly got your tongue. In reality, it isn’t that easy for women to profess their feelings for a guy.

Be a dedicated flirt.

But only to him! Men look forward to flirtations and so it’s your duty to give this to him if you ever want to make him feel good about himself or to tell him how special he really is.

Be brave enough to tell him.

What could be a better way to tell him than to actually tell him that he’s special? It would be way sweeter if you’d whisper this to him when he least expects it. For instance, when you’re both washing the dishes, slowly lean towards him and whisper your sweet nothings to him. Then at the end of the chore, tell him how special a man he is.

Tell him that you admire his mind.

Guys love hearing compliments as these words make them feel good about themselves. If you want to further make him feel special, you can go right ahead and tell him that you enjoy conversing with him because he seems to be knowledgeable of so many things.

Tell him that you admire his body.

Being special means you’re a cut above the rest. And so, if you want to tell your man how special he is, try telling him that you adore his body. Double your words of admiration by moaning it out during a steamy sex.

Tell him how you admire the way he carries himself.

Verbally confirm your admiration for his self-assuredness. Let your eyes sparkle the moment he walks into the room. Let a smile come to your lips once you see him come up to you. He will definitely delight in your attention.

Tell him that you admire his fashion sense.

Men, no matter how hard they try to deny it, are quite conscious when it comes to their fashion sense. Try to assure him that you love his choice of clothes and that he looks good in them.

Tell it with a cake or a special dish.

What’s the fastest way to a man’s heart? So go ahead and bake a cake and write your dedication – You’re a Very Special Man! – with the sweetest icing. You can also melt his heart by cooking his favorite dishes. Pamper him with these foods and pastries and he’ll definitely feel special!

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