Never Miss the Fashion Trend – Clog Shoes

We have to admit that vintage style is really hot nowadays. More and more fashion women shift from modern edgy styles to retro styles. Thus, it is understandable to see the comeback of clog shoes, which were once in vogue in the 70s. Incorporated with more trendy designs, today’s clogs impress people with the remarkable mixed chic style. Women love to wear clogs not just because they are right in fashion but also because they are comfortable to wear even with the added height.

You may buy clog shoes out of different reasons. However, no matter what the reasons are, you can always find a pair that meets your needs in every aspect since there are many different styles available in the market to cater to different people’s preference and taste. Among these various styles, heeled clogs, clog boots and sandals are the most sought after types.

Heeled clogs
This kind of shoes has been a really big hit nowadays. Almost every fashion addict owns such a pair in the wardrobe. Heeled clogs can be a wonderful alternative of high heels because they are more comfortable to wear. Besides, they can go well with almost all your outfit in a fantastic way, adding the mixed chic style of modern and retro to your look.

Clog boots
In winter, clog boots are definitely the best options of footwear ever. If you haven’t got a pair this winter, it is still not late to buy one right away. There are various styles of clog boots, from ankle boots to thigh high ones, and you can surely find an ideal pair for yourself. The boots usually come with a wooden heel and the common materials can be canvas, suede or leather. You can make your own style statement in cold harsh winter by pairing clog boots with skinny jeans, short skirts or legging.

Clog sandals can be seen as the most common styles of clogs. This kind of footwear is rather popular in summer. You can wear your hot miniskirts or short pants with the slip-on sandals. The clog sandals usually come with a wooden sole. There are also some sandals that go with rubber soles.

As a fashion enthusiast, you should never miss the fashion trend. A pair of clog boots is exactly what you need to complete your winter style right now.

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