Treat Your Body Right With MBT Shoes

Our feet just weren’t made for the things that we put them through. Walking around on hard surfaces all day long puts extra strain on our feet, ankles, knees, and hips that they aren’t designed to handle. The human foot evolved to be perfect for walking around on soft, giving surfaces like a sandy beach. When you walk on ground like that your whole foot takes on the weight of your body. But when you wear conventional shoes that weight is focused on a few points. This can lead to problems with tendons and ligaments all throughout your lower body.

MBT Shoes were created with this problem in mind. The creators of MBT based the design of their shoes on a notion called “natural instability.” Natural instability is the idea that when you walk on something like sand, it tends to give as you walk. This causes muscles all over your body to account for that it. These muscles do this naturally, without you ever noticing.The MBT designers created a shoe that would mimic this natural instability.

Hence, walking in MBT shoes doesn’t only make things easier on your joints; it also helps to build muscle tone. When you walk around in these shoes you are stimulating muscles in your body that have long laid dormant. This will increase muscle tone and can even improve your posture.MBT now offers a wide variety of shoes for the whole range of the human experience. They have shoes for the office, for going out to a nightclub, or for heading out on a vigorous walk. There is no reason to torture your feet any longer. Here are a few examples of exciting offerings from MBT Shoes.

MBT Women’s Tunisha Mary-Jane

This design by MBT is perfect for everyday wear at your place of business. It mimics the classic Mary-Jane style but with the extra feature of the patented MBT sole system. The Tunisha comes in either black leather or grape leather. The black version is a more reserved option, while the grape color will show off your brighter side. Both selections feature the signature Mary-Jane strap that secures the top of the foot.

MBT Women’s Tambo Boot – Chocolate Suede

When the weather turns it is time to put away the tank tops and flip-flops and dig out your sweaters and boots. This stylish boot from MBT is versatile enough to be worn on a night out on the town, or even to work. This style is breathable, durable, and fits like a glove. You would think a boot that fits so well might be sweltering, but the advanced technology behind this piece of footwear will leave your legs cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold.The Tambo looks great when worn with shorts, skirts, or Capri pants. It is not recommended to tuck blue jeans into this style because they fit so snugly.

MBT Women’s Kipimo Clog

The clog style of shoe is coming back in a big way and MBT is ahead of the pack as usual. The Kipimo style is great for working out in the yard, running a couple of errands, or just slipping on when you are in a hurry. You can purchase the Kipimo in either black leather or chocolate leather and suede. Each of these features cute flower stencil cutouts near the top of the shoe. They attach to your foot via a strap in the back. You will look and feel comfortable and casual in the Kipimo.

MBT Men’s Sport 2

The great thing about an MBT Shoe is that they give you a great workout even when you are just going about your day. But if you are really looking to get into shape, wearing MBT Shoes while you work out will enhance all of the effort you are already putting in. The Sport 2 takes the original Sport line and gives it an upgrade. In the new version everything from the heel to the toe box to the sole to the lace system has been completely redesigned for extra comfort and support. It is a great cross-trainer for your everyday fitness needs. This style is available in black nubuck and mesh, white leather and mesh, or grey leather and mesh. Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste.

Get healthy and stay that way with the Sport 2. There is a whole world of good that a pair of MBT Shoes can do for you. They will help strengthen and tone the muscles all over your feet, legs, stomach, lower back, and more. MBT Shoes will even help improve your circulation, which could help to decrease varicose veins.The rounded sole of an MBT Shoe will also help to improve your posture. You will walk more upright and this will help to release tension all over your body. Stop making life harder than it has to be. Get in shape, ease pressure on your joints, and look great in a pair of MBT Shoes.

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