Dress the Groom in a Western Dress Shirt for the Big Day

If wedding bells are in your future, and you are looking for unique ideas for how to create the wedding of your dreams, consider western clothing along with other western embellishments and accessories to create a nostalgic feel. A western themed wedding doesn’t have to be cheesy, and can be interpreted in many ways. Dress the happy couple and the bridal party in country style dresses, hats and western dress shirts. Or, have a beautiful rustic setting with live music and barbeque that will please your guests and make the whole day extra special.

Having a western themed wedding, or even adding small western elements combined with traditional elements can be a fun and memorable way represent the uniqueness of your future life together. Western themed weddings are great if you want to tastefully bring casual elements into your special day.

Let’s face it: some men just don’t want to wear a tuxedo, even on their wedding day. If a groom is more comfortable in casual attire, a western dress shirt, such as a men’s oxford shirt, may be the perfect solution, so that he can feel stylish, comfortable and completely at ease when he makes his promise. The men’s oxford shirt may be paired with numerous styles and colors, depending on how formal or casual you want your wedding attire to be. Pairing the shirt with other western clothing items will reflect a more formal western look.

A western dress shirt does not need to be white; choosing a red or black western dress shirt makes a bold yet sophisticated statement. Western dress shirts can be paired with anything from a sport jacket or a formal western tuxedo coat. As a final accessory, add a wide brim hat and a western cross-over tie or a string tie or a shiny belt buckle. To add flare to your western wedding look, choose a silk western shirt with patterns, fringes or embellishments and a jacket or coat won’t be necessary.

If the groom wants a very casual look to compliment a less formal affair, the men’s oxford shirt looks great with simple jeans or slacks, a hat and boots. You may also choose a western style vest instead of the formal coat or jacket. The groomsmen will also look great in matching western dress shirts. Whatever the big day has in store, western clothing is a great way to spruce it up and keep everyone relaxed and smiling.

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