How To Choose An Affordable Barn Wedding

Barn wedding venues are an excellent option for couples who want to add a touch of rustic charm but don’t have a huge budget. Many barns will have standard furniture that can be used if desired, but sourcing distinct rental furniture can help make the venue feel like your own.


Barn venues provide a natural, rustic atmosphere that pairs well with many wedding themes. However, these quaint locales can offer plenty of opportunities to bring various aesthetic elements to complement the ambiance. Working with a wedding planner or designer is one of the best ways to come up with practical ideas for transforming your barn venue to suit your unique vision.

For example, you could create a beautiful backdrop by hanging flowers or draping greenery from the ceiling of your barn’s main space. Alternatively, you could transform a barn doorway into an elegant focal point by adding a draped wreath or a floral arch made from Russian olive, cotoneaster, garden spray roses, and peonies.

Another easy way to save on your budget is to skip the bar tab and hire a few kegs for self-serve drinks at your reception. You can also set up a make-your-own mimosa or bloody mary station for a fun twist on this wedding tradition.


If you want to save money on your wedding budget, ensure affordable wedding venues in Fort Worth offer inclusive pricing versus a-la-carte pricing. An all-inclusive package will allow you to see exactly how much each feature will cost before the final invoice arrives.

Another way to save on your budget is by selecting a barn with plenty of decor options. This means you won’t have to pay extra to rent tables, chairs, and linens.

If you’re planning on having a rustic-themed wedding, consider incorporating flowers into your venue decorations that are in season. This will help keep your floral costs low because they’ll be at their peak, and you won’t have to travel far to get to your venue. Also, consider sticking with a few big statement flowers, like hydrangeas or sunflowers, instead of filler flowers, such as carnations and baby’s breath. This will keep your flower budget down without sacrificing the wow factor you’re looking for.


As with any wedding, the cost of catering is a significant expense. When choosing affordable wedding venues in Fort Worth, look for a venue that offers in-house catering services. This will help you save money and ensure your guests receive an unforgettable meal.

Some budget barn weddings may also include a farm-to-table experience. For example, Rode’s Barn is a South Jersey wedding venue that serves as a working farm daily, but it’s all about hosting beautiful and unique weddings by night!

Rental lighting is another essential consideration when planning a wedding on a budget. This can be used to set the mood for the ceremony and reception and highlight the beauty of your dress, flowers, and d├ęcor. Many venues will provide lighting as part of their package. Still, you can also search online for photos of how other couples have incorporated unique lighting to make their budget barn weddings genuinely spectacular.


When comparing affordable wedding venues in Fort Worth options, ensure you know what is included and what’s not. Many barn venues have inclusive pricing and will only charge you one flat rate for your entire event, whereas other places offer a-la-carte prices that can quickly add up.

If you opt for a more rustic style, look for barn wedding venues with natural wood furniture and other decorative touches that can set the stage for your overall aesthetic. This allows you to save on decor costs, as it will already align with your vision.

If your barn venue has a garden on the property, consider tying that element into your invitations to give friends and family a gorgeous preview of what’s to come. Also, frame the barn entrance with unique displays, as this couple did by creating a custom welcome message and oversized menus. This doubles as a great photo backdrop for guests to pose with.

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