Lingerie Worn as Clubwear

Maybe it was Madonna that started the trend. Other artists have perpetuated the practice of wearing underwear as outer-wear creating a new fashion category known as club-wear or dance-wear. Many of the lingerie makers have even begun to jump on the band wagon by creating lingerie items designed to be worn as club-wear.

I find this trend to be fascinating and sexy. The latest of this trend is to wear pants that show the top portion of a g-string or thong. This exposes the tattoo on the small of the back that many women are now sporting.

Nobody knows how long a trend will last, but, this one is still gaining speed and popularity. However the trend was started, and however long it may last, I personally hope this continues for quite some time. I am sure many of my male counterparts feel the same way. Seeing the small of the back and maybe more exposed is a real turn-on for a lot of men.

Lingerie worn as outer wear perpetuates a fantasy for a lot of men. The male animal is visually stimulated. When men go to clubs, we walk around, drinks in hand, scanning the women as they enter the door. Our attention is not drawn to women dressed casually in a pair of old jeans and a loose fitting blouse. Instead, we are salivating at the woman who saunters in wearing a tantalizing sequined bra and a matching mini skirt. We can’t help but steal glances at her as she orders her drink and chats with her buddies. Our eyes glaze over while watching her slither provocatively on the dance floor. At least one of us will get the nerve to approach her and ask her to dance. The rest of us will go home and fantasize about the sexy female wearing that eye popping sequined bra outfit.

Women have been finding ways to entice men since the beginning of time, and these clothes say, ” I know men only want a little left to the imagination”. It’s true that little should be left to the imagination. If you were to place to images side by side, one of a naked woman, and one of a woman in sexy lingerie, most men are going to pick the lingerie-clad woman as the more provocative image. I think it has to do with the mystery of what the rest will look like. Why do you think Playboy usually features it’s models wearing a slinky little something?

You see maximum exposure leaves no mystery, and is stimulating only in that we desire to have what we see. No exposure is only mildly stimulating because it is the norm. We see it every day, all day, so no excitement. However, if you show a little, and hide the rest, the eye captures our attention and the mind fills up with wonder, excitement, and fantasy sending us into a mind boggling turn on.

That is why lingerie has been around for so long. Whether you wear it at home, just for your lover, or as a tease in public, the male animal will fall prey to your alluring mysteries.

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